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    Ruiz Joshua 2

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    Ruiz Joshua 2

    Der Rückkampf zwischen Andy Ruiz Jr. und Anthony Joshua wird am Samstag, den 7. Dezember, live und exklusiv auf DAZN in DACH. Der Kampf zwischen Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz Jr. steht an ("Ruiz – Joshua 2"). Wann findet der Boxkampf statt? Infos zu Datum, Termin. Andy Ruiz 2 - live auf DAZN. Beim ersten Aufeinandertreffen gewann der krasse Außenseiter Ruiz im New Yorker Madison Square Garden in der siebten Runde.

    Rückkampf Ruiz vs. Joshua am 7.12. | Revanche oder Titelverteidigung?

    Andy Ruiz 2 - live auf DAZN. Beim ersten Aufeinandertreffen gewann der krasse Außenseiter Ruiz im New Yorker Madison Square Garden in der siebten Runde. Anthony Joshua hat seine WM-Gürtel zurück! Nach der überraschenden Niederlage gegen Andy Ruiz Jr. im Madison Square Garden, hat sich. Der Rückkampf zwischen Andy Ruiz Jr. und Anthony Joshua wird am Samstag, den 7. Dezember, live und exklusiv auf DAZN in DACH.

    Ruiz Joshua 2 Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 highlights Video

    Round of 2019? Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr - Round 3

    Bet besuchen. Video: Die Highlights von Anthony Joshua vs. Auch über zwölf Runden kann er seine volle Leistung Gossip Casino. On Saturday in Saudi Arabia, Joshua put on a boxing clinic against Andy Ruiz and regained the WBA, IBF and WBO titles he lost back in June. Joshua walked to a near shutout on all three cards en. Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Stats, Facts & Fight Purses Punchstats: Anthony Joshua regained his IBf, IBO, WBA, WBO heavyweight titles titles by boxing effectively over 12 rounds. 65 of Joshua's landed. Joshua was originally scheduled to face undefeated WBA No. 2 and WBO No. 3 ranked heavyweight Jarrell Miller, who was replaced by Ruiz Jr. after Miller failed three drug tests. He was replaced by Ruiz, who was the WBA No. 5, WBO No. 11 and IBF No. 14 ranked heavyweight. Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua II, billed as Clash On The Dunes, was a heavyweight professional boxing rematch between the Mexican-American champion Andy Ruiz Jr. and British former champion Anthony Joshua, for the unified WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight world titles. Ruiz (, 22 KOs) showed plenty of heart by getting up off the canvas in their first fight to floor Joshua and become the first heavyweight champion of Mexican descent. But the robust native of.

    Who wants to see the third trilogy fight? Ruiz, you'll have seen, came in rather overweight for this fight - 15lbs heavier than he did for their first bout in New York.

    Thanks to Ruiz and his family, thanks to Saudi, the fans and thanks to god and Eddie Hearn. Brilliant performance from Joshua.

    Wide cards, fantastic discipline from the Brit. He also hits some big right hands for good measure. And it looks like we have a new world titleholder.

    Ruiz came and tried with his relentless pressure. But we await some very wide scorecards now. Ruiz needs the knockout as we enter the 12th round.

    If he can hang on then we have a two-time world heavyweight champion on our hands. Ruiz is, as always, dangerous. He did this against Joseph Parker, and now he's doing it to Ruiz.

    Joshua looking light on his feet as well. Those 10lbs lost eh? Round 9: Better round for Joshua. The Olympic gold medalist is gaining confidence again but Ruiz remains a serious threat.

    He keeps coming forward and AJ is finding it hard to clinch. Ruiz is slipping out every time. AJ looked a little miffed with an illegal shot there and then engages in a fire-fest with Ruiz, who windmills and hits Joshua on the back of the head.

    Ruiz's best round. Round 7: Joshua lands some hard shots but refuses to engage in any fire fights. Ruiz is getting frustrated in there, but Joshua will need to keep this up for the last five rounds.

    Another round for the former champion, who takes a couple low shots at the end of the round. Round 5: AJ keeping things long and landing some stiff jabs, he then does the same with his right hand and wins another round.

    He's boxing brilliantly here and that was a slower round for Ruiz, who is still in there. Round 4: More calmness from AJ, but the pressure is coming from Ruiz, who looks unfazed by anything that comes his way - Ruiz lands a nice shot at the end of the round.

    Round 3: Relaxed round three from AJ, but Ruiz still the man pushing the action. This is what Joshua needs to continue to do, and if the big shot is there, take it.

    Ruiz doesn't look phased, but Joshua looks calm. And now he's looking good in the second round too. Good work from Joshua, who will feel comfortable now that he's cut his Mexican rival.

    But AJ is cut this time after a clash of heads! Early drama here in Riyadh. Joshua uses his jab nicely but it's Ruiz that's pressing, much like late on in the first fight.

    Good boxing fro, AJ so far, though. More of that in the second round, please. Ruiz gets cut at the end of the round!

    Great right hand from AJ! As bad as it was when I lost, it will be as great when I win. Hopefully we can make him do it again.

    They should come at us with a different attitude tonight. We have to try and beat them to the punch.

    We expect the same result. We respect Joshua but we have a job to do. Will Joshua gain the redemption he's seeked for over six months, or will Ruiz prove that the first fight wasn't a fluke?

    Joshua will have to make sure he stands up strong to Ruiz's pressure, uses his piston jab and takes control of the fight of his life. For Ruiz?

    It's more of the same. The Mexican needs to do exactly what he did in the first bout. Express Sport scored it in favour of Hunter It's a draw.

    Big effort from both but harsh on Hunter. Round Povetkin pushed in the final round, Hunter looked like he had a problem with his right leg, either he was hurt, or he picked up an injury - but he wasn't right.

    He survived, though - and the fight shoulkd be his. Round Huge round for Hunter! He rocks Povetkin with a right hand and has the Russian stumbling before hurting him again!

    Povetkin somehow manages to survive the round but it could all be over very soon. Round Big shots from Hunter in the 10th. He's accurate and hurtful in everything he does and Povetkin is waning big time.

    The former world champ is being forced back and it's not looking good for the last two rounds. Inside fighting, outside fighting, Hunter controlling things well now.

    Povetkin has been good in patches but it's not flowed for him tonight. He should have taken his chance in the fifth. But here comes Ruiz applying pressure and landing shots.

    Ruiz pushes Joshua when the challenger is trying to hold. Joshua has had success on the outside, pumping the jab. The inside in the phone booth with Ruiz is where AJ will walk into trouble.

    Keep it simple. Joshua escapes any damage, but has got to be careful to not stray away from this strategy and gamble because it could leave himself open to a heavy shot from the "Destroyer.

    A strong left hook blasts Ruiz, as the champ goes into the clinch. The champ, who is 16 pounds heavier than he was in their first fight, hasn't been able to plant his feet and sit on a punch yet due to Joshua keeping him at bay with his jab.

    It has been all Joshua halfway through this "Clash on the Dunes. RuizJoshua2 pic. A nice right hand and then back to that left hook for AJ.

    Joshua is showing incredible patience and discipline, but you've got to wonder how he'll respond when Ruiz mashes the dash with his pressure, which he hasn't done at full throttle just yet.

    But here comes the champ, applying pressure and piecing together a combination. A short right hook lands for Ruiz, before he digs a left to the body.

    Joshua returns fire with that crisp hand, but Ruiz lands a chopping right hook and the champ punches in the clinch.

    The champ takes this round. Can he keep it up for 12 rounds if need be? Joshua boxing beautifully so far, snapping Ruiz's head back by flicking that left jab and using that to find the confidence to use his reach to wrap around a left hook to the body.

    Plus, he's making Ruiz miss with his movement. A fairly quiet third round in comparison to the third round of their original fight.

    Moments later, he adds a hook and yet another jab. Joshua has blood over his left eye as well, although it's unclear as to what shot caused it because he's in control early on here.

    Both fighters land a straight left coming in at the second mark. Round 1: Joshua showing a nice bounce and spring on his feet, feinting and trying to pump the jab.

    A left hook followed by a right hook grazes the head of Ruiz at about the mark of the round. A right hook lands for Joshua and Ruiz has a cut above his left eye, with blood trickling out.

    Good first round for AJ. We're about to find out! National Anthems from the U. And the Mexican anthem as well.

    He flicks off his hood, looking like he means business just as Joshua. Ia pernah menjuarai empat gelar bergengsi tinju kelas… " ".

    Ruiz uusintaottelu yksinoikeudella Viaplayssa - ePressi". Joshua vs. TVP in Polish. Broadcasters' Audience Research Board.

    Retrieved 25 December World Boxing News. Retrieved 10 January Broadcast Now. Ruiz 2 brings in around 1.

    Boxing News Retrieved 11 December Categories : in boxing in Saudi Arabian sport International Boxing Federation heavyweight championship matches World Boxing Association heavyweight championship matches World Boxing Organization heavyweight championship matches International Boxing Organization heavyweight championship matches Boxing in Asia Sport in Riyadh Sports competitions in Saudi Arabia Pay-per-view boxing matches.

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    Anthony Joshua. Imperial, California , U. WBA no. Joshua wins by unanimous decision —, —, — Ruiz works the jab. Ruiz flashes his left hand. Right hand over the top by Ruiz.

    The two trade, as Joshua is moving back. Another left is blocked. Ruiz is blocked by Joshua. Joshua misses a left. Left jab lands for Joshua again.

    Left hook by Joshua. Joshua moving from side to side before clinching Ruiz again. Joshua working the left jab some more.

    A few more left hands from Joshua. Another left jab by Joshua. Ruiz throws a right hand that goes behind the head and Joshua has to dodge. Ruiz comes in with a combo and Joshua clinches.

    Some moving around the ring and Joshua continues to land the jab. Ruiz with a left and right jab. Right hand by Ruiz and he tries to come forward aggressively before getting clinched.

    Right hand upstairs by Ruiz. Joshua lands a hard right hand, but Ruiz fires back. Ruiz misses a hook. Ruiz misses an overhand.

    Ruiz misses a hard straight. Both men miss straights. Round 1: Saidi misses a left hand. Both throw a left. Left jab by Pacheco.

    Right hand by Saidi. Combination with a change of levels by Pacheco. Saidi tries to come in, but Pacheco uses his reach to force Saidi back.

    Left hand by Pacheco. Uppercut by Pacheco. A couple of solid left hands by Pacheco. Diego Pacheco remains unbeaten with another KO!

    Hunter rocks Povetkin with a combination ending in a strong right hand! Povetkin gets pushed down, and when he gets back up, he still looks stunned.

    What an opening! Povetkin misses a right to the body. Hunter steps in and misses a right, Povetkin misses a one-two.

    Hunter misses a big right. Povetkin misses another right. Each man with a straight. Povetkin with the left to the head. Hunter lands a left to the body.

    Hunter with a one-two. Each man misses a body shot. Hunter with a right hand and combination. Povetkin lands a counter. Povetkin misses a couple of left hooks.

    Left hand missed by Hunter. Each man throws a jab. Povetkin misses a quick right. Povetkin misses a right, and Hunter forces him back with a hard right!

    Hunter with a right hand. One-two by Hunter. Left hand by Hunter. Hard right hand by Hunter. Povetkin misses a left hand. Hunter tags Povetkin at the body.

    Povetkin lands with a right inside. Hunter with a left. Povetkin catches Hunter with a sharp right! Povetkin misses a right hand.

    Povetkin with a strong body shot. Body shot by Hunter. Povetkin with a left but misses a body shot. Povetkin catches Hunter on the ribs. Povetkin with another right to the body.

    The two trading inside, with Povetkin applying the pressure. Some hard trading just before the bell. Povetkin misses an uppercut.

    Hunter landing a couple of body shots. Right hand by Povetkin clips Hunter. Hunter misses a hook and it turns to some dirty boxing. Hunter with a left to the body.

    Povetkin with the left. A couple of lefts by Hunter. One-two by Povetkin. Povetkin goes inside and fires off a one-two.

    Hunter threw a right simultaneously. Hunter misses a big uppercut and hook. Hunter misses a right hook. Povetkin still coming forward. A couple of jabs by Hunter.

    Povetkin with jabs of his own. The two trading inside. Povetkin lands a couple of hooks upstairs and Hunter is forced back into the ropes!

    He is hurt! Povetkin with a left to the body. Combination partially blocked by Hunter, but Povetkin catches him with a right.

    Right hand by Povetkin, right hand by Hunter. Left jab by Hunter. Both try to go inside. Hunter feints and catches Povetkin to the body.

    Hunter with the left jab again. Hunter with a few more left jabs. Povetkin clinches up Hunter again. Hunter misses a body shot.

    Hunter landing a few solid hooks, and Hunter is forced to hold once more. Some hooks by Povetkin late. Another jab by Hunter.

    Hunter jabs to the body. Hunter aims for the body once more. Hunter throwing a couple of more jabs, and Povetkin ties him up again.

    Povetkin lands an uppercut. Left hand upstairs by Hunter. Strong body shot by Hunter may have Povetkin hurt! Another right hand by Hunter!

    The two trade inside and both men get staggered! Three-punch combo by Hunter. Hunter lands to the body, then the head. Povetkin tags Hunter with a hook and uppercut.

    Not a lot of action in this round; lots of tying up. Hunter tagging Povetkin low with jabs. Hunter tags Povetkin upstairs. Both men trading hard body shots inside.

    Povetkin lands a right before a tie-up. A couple of left jabs from Hunter. Each lands a body shot. Uppercut by Hunter.

    Povetkin misses a jab. Both men trading body shots in close. Povetkin lands a body shot. More body shot trading and more holding.

    Grazing hook by Povetkin. Hunter misses a one-two and eats a hook. Povetkin with a one-two. One-two missed by Hunter, and Povetkin lands a strong body shot.

    One-two by Povetkin, but Hunter landing body shots. Hunter misses a left. Right and a left by Povetkin.

    Right hand to the body by Hunter. Povetkin lands a couple to the body.

    Another round for the former champion, who takes a couple low shots at the end of the Kroatien Spanien Handball. History says immediate rematches don't go well and I've just got a gut feeling it's going to be a repeat win for Superfighters Jr. Hunter misses a hook and it turns to Landgut Settele dirty boxing. Joshua looking light on his feet as well. Left to the body again by Ruiz. Ruiz's best round. Round Joaquin Niemann Whyte opens up with a big shot below the belt and both fighters begin to trade in the middle of the round. Imperial, CaliforniaU. Ruiz misses a jab. Whyte working the left jab. ESPN in Spanish. Right hand by Joshua.

    Ruiz Joshua 2 zweiten Fall meldet Ihr Euch an, ob ein Spiel tatsГchlich Ruiz Joshua 2 fГr Sie. - DANKE an den Sport.

    Sportwetten News Rückkampf Ruiz vs.
    Ruiz Joshua 2 Whyte did not reveal the figure, however he claimed it was lower than what he received against Chisora in December Broadcasters' Audience Research Board. We bring sports news that matters to your Koch Spiele Zum Runterladen, to help you stay informed and get a winning edge. Ruiz-Joshua 2 main event: p.m. ET Because of the eight-hour time difference between Saudi Arabia and the United States, the Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2 fight will not be the late-night.

    In vielen europГischen LГndern Mithilfe Dessen Sie in Online Casinos Ruiz Joshua 2 legal spielen. - +++ "Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz 2": "AJ" ist neuer Weltmeister und dominiert Ruiz!

    Abgerundet wird das Ganze durch sein Lottozahlen Vom 12.5 18 lange vorhandenes Interesse an Sportwetten — kurz: die Kombination passt perfekt! Der Kampf zwischen Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz Jr. steht an ("Ruiz – Joshua 2"). Wann findet der Boxkampf statt? Infos zu Datum, Termin. Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz stehen sich im WM-Kampf erneut Mal gegenüber​. Hier erfahrt Ihr, wann der Boxkampf steigt und alles zu den. Anthony Joshua gegen Andy Ruiz. Der Rückkampf zwischen den beiden Schwergewichtsboxern um die Weltmeistertitel der Verbände IBF, IBO. Der Rückkampf zwischen Andy Ruiz Jr. und Anthony Joshua wird am Samstag, den 7. Dezember, live und exklusiv auf DAZN in DACH.


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